Glass Bead Games

Here, I'm archiving links to sequences of blog posts relevant to the Glass Bead Game (GBG), Hermann Hesse's chimerical idea for a pastime that allows us to "play" ideas of all kinds and explore how they relate to one another.  Will there ever be a real-world version of this elusive concept?  Plenty of real-world people are working on it....

First, here are a few posts that describe some of the ways in which others are developing some fascinating GBG variants:
I should do more of these!

Next, here's a series of posts in which I play an example "solitaire" 10-part version of Charles Cameron's Hipbone GBG:

Some other random musings of my own:

Lastly, another series of posts that "plays" through all 12+ incarnations of Doctor Who, with grace notes of astrological symbolism and New Years Resolutions, from a few years ago.  Is it a true GBG?  Why not?  :-)

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