Monday, January 6, 2014

The 12th Regeneration of Christmas

Now we're all about the future.  Just mere days ago, Peter Capaldi took the reins of the TARDIS to become the Twelfth Doctor.  WHO will he be?  We don't know, but being significantly older in appearance than the previous few incarnations, we might be in for some increased space-time gravitas...

In fact, he's exactly as old as the First Doctor was when he originated the part in 1963.  Given that current companion Clara Oswald (who witnessed the transformation from the Eleventh to the Twelfth) is now working at the school where the First Doctor's granddaughter attended, and other companions were teachers, we may see callbacks.

I'm not sure if there are any tea leaves to read in the one earlier episode of Doctor Who that Capaldi guest starred in.  He played a harried Roman pater familias in the doomed town of Pompeii.  I'm more interested in going back to a TV movie that I remember seeing in the dorm as a college freshman... since in it Capaldi portrayed my favorite Beatle, George Harrison!  :-)

According to the cycle we've been following, the Twelfth Doctor is set to be a Zodiacal CANCER.  The urge to compare and contrast with the First Doctor (LEO) is strong, since Leo is the sign of the Sun and Cancer is the sign of the Moon.  Thus, we may see an emotional, intuitive, changeable, exceedingly loving, and over-protective Doctor.

If the above is true, this Doctor is going to be an empath worthy of Deanna Troi.  Thus, he may need the final New Year's Resolution of our cycle, which is to elevate your mood.  Some people with great sensitivity can feel buffeted by the winds of others' emotional lives, so it's worth while to maintain a positive, proactive core.

That's it, folks!  I hope I've lived up to the lofty goals I set myself (here and here).  I've learned a lot about the baker's dozen of Doctors, and had fun pulling together these weird strands.  Now that I think of it, these posts may comprise a strange kind of Glass Bead Game with beads made of time, space, and the stars.

I hope you're all ready to face the new year with wibbly-wobbly energy and optimism!


  1. I cannot wait to see Capaldi's Doctor. I'm sure he'll be awesome.

    1. I'm looking forward to it! I think we still have some months to wait, though...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I may be an obsessive planner, but I still (paradoxically?) never really know where these things are going until they're done.

  3. Great series, sir. Well done.

    I have a soft spot for Eccleston - perhaps because he was my first but also perhaps because I'm also an Aeries. My wife, though, is a Cancer. It will be interesting to see if she identifies with the new guy as a result.

    1. Thanks! I've seen a few clips of Eccleston on youtube, and he is engaging (in, maybe, an English version of Nicolas Cage kind of way??). We'll be watching his season soon. About Capaldi's Doctor being Cancerian, well, I've now gone out on a limb and made the prediction! :-) We'll have to see...