Homebrew '82

The Homebrew '82 system will be an original fantasy role-playing game (RPG) designed to recreate a style of play that has recently been called "old school." Volume 1 will contain the information needed by players to create characters and to start them on their adventures. Subsequent volumes will describe special material for Game Masters, as well as a quasi-historical campaign setting meant to evoke the feel of post-Arthurian Dark Ages Britain. Homebrew '82 is a tabletop RPG where the only things needed to play are pencils, paper, dice, and an inquisitive mind.

In the ongoing absence of an actual product, I'll keep a collection of links to posts about specific bits of the rules:

Using the Ability Scores
Dice Combinations for Ability Scores
Magic and Miracles
Rogue Skills: Flavor for Failure 
Combat Flowchart  (i.e., streamlining melee rounds)
Awarding Experience
Training for Next Experience Level 
Contests of Skill  (PDF version)
Reaction Rolls

More information will be posted when it becomes available.