Free RPG Adventures

On this page I'm collecting links to the free role playing game (RPG) adventure scenarios that I've posted to the blog.

Most recently there is XVI Troop, an ancient Roman themed scenario booklet that contains a mish-mash of ideas for setting up Roman-era characters in a somewhat frivolous sandbox setting, with old school D&D rules.  There are character generation tips, maps and setting descriptions, and tables of random events for GMs to use as adventure seeds.  It's a 16-page PDF document, hosted on Google Docs at this URL.

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September 2011 was a pretty active time on this blog, since I took part in the September of Short Adventures (SoSA) challenge posed by /Matt at Asshat Paladins. This was a challenge to create and share 25 short old-school RPG adventure scenarios ("mini-modules"), all in one month, for GMs to incorporate into their campaigns.  I think I came up with some fun scenarios, but I admit that I only reached the magic number of 25 by padding in a few other kinds of tables and tools for GMs to flesh out their worlds; not just adventures.

/Matt also put together helpful compilations of links to all of the SoSA's, arranged both by author and also by game system.  I cribbed the links to my own adventures from these posts, but I added the parenthetical notes... mostly so I could remember which one was which!

0. Introductory post
1. Meet Cute  (campaign kick-starter)
2. Athena's Crooked House  (succubus in 4D weirdness)
3. The River, Riled  (terrain is the villain)
4. In Soviet Union, Lock Picks You  (sentient thieves tools)
5. Amonk Time  (new take on an old class)
6. We Only Eat the Ones We Love (rakshasas in a casino)
7. It's Torture in Here!  (fleshing out the oubliette)
8. Who's the Yahoo?  (Houyhnhnms vs. Vogoraks)
9. The Earl of Mountebank  (escorting a feaux-royal family)
10. The High Priest of Quackery  (step right up and learn how to heal)
11. Bzzt! Thanks for Playing  (non-adventure hooks)
12. Blood for the Black Widow  (dwelf blood, that is)
13. Avalon Lost  (intro to series on a post-Arthurian setting)
14. Avalon Lost: The Feckless Fief  (Nu! No, that's Ni!)
15. Avalon Lost: Dragons and Giants and Haggis, Oh My!  (random giant generator)
16. Avalon Lost: Isle of Wights?  (mother of all whomping willows)
17. Avalon Lost: Tintagel Dystopia  (megalomanaical king vs his saintly son)
18. Avalon Lost: The Fair Folk  (the Unseelie have more fun)
19. The Vivimancer  (possession and rock climbing)
20. Meteor Storm  (don't make psionic aliens angry)
21. My Fathers Day Cake  (someone's following the blueprint for a lich)
22. Pearls of Great Price  (wavecrawl salvage ops)
23. The Tontine Revealed   (ties together some loose ends)
24. Extended Training Montage  (what to do while leveling up)
25. Who Mourns for Azathoth?   (DM's guide to the gods)