Thursday, October 21, 2021

General Organa

Today would have been Carrie Fisher's 65th birthday.  I saw some other tributes online, and I thought they were missing some of the best pictures... including a scene from the original Marvel comic book that shows that Princess Leia was just as (if not more) badass as Han Solo... 


  1. So much love for this actress and this character. When she turns the tables on her own rescuers in the original movie: "Somebody has to save our skins..." It's one of the most wonderful heroine establishing moments in all of cinema. They didn't follow through enough on it in the following episodes. Too much was invested in the love story instead.

    1. Agreed, but they did well (on this front at least) in the sequel movies.

      Just this past weekend, we happened upon the movie Soapdish from 1991, and were surprised to see Carrie pop up in it!