Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tumbling into New Media

The blog's been a bit quiet lately... not so much because of lack of things to say, but mostly just work & life doing their thing.  I am mulling over long-term plans for the 2018 April A-Z Challenge.  If it happens, some fraction of it will be a serialization of the story that I started writing about 3 years ago and haven't talked about much since.

Focusing on the here and now, I've also (impulsively) decided to give tumblr a try.  "Another blog?" you may say, "You can't even keep up with one, dude!"  Well, the tumblr format is a little more "micro" than what I'm used to around here.  For some reason, I associate this blog with archiving my long-form deep thoughts.  Many ideas come and go because they can't be expanded into something that I think is servitorludi-worthy.  Tumblr is also more about quick reblogs and memes.  Those can still be deep and impactful, but there's less of a mental cover-charge (at least for me).  Thus, let me introduce My Own Weird Way...

Before anybody asks...
  1. Yes, the title is based on a line in the song Santa Monica by Everclear.  I'm not a rabid fan of theirs or anything (though I always loved that the lead singer was a guest actor on "Ned's Declassified"); I just always kind of liked that line.
  2. The header image is the Cygnus Loop (duh), with overlaid hexgrid and Star Fleet Battles counters, just for kicks.
So although I may occasionally do tumblr things about the main topics of this blog (Glass Bead Games & Role Playing Games), I'm planning on being much more free-range with my fannish & esoteric interests.

In other words, I have no idea what will show up there, but it's going to be fun & interesting!


  1. Guess what! Last weekend, I played D&D for the first time in about 30 years. So fun!

    I haven't spent much time with tumblr but if I do, I will come check you out.

    1. Better than me! Even with blogging spurring me on, I still haven't sat down at a D&D table since about 1989.

      Tumblr is fun. Much lower bar to post & repost interesting bits & bobs. My lovely wife is also on there. :-)

    2. Just popped over. Good fun. Love the Howard Aiken quote. Such truth!

  2. Awesome quote. And I'm looking forward to the eclectic posts you promised!

    1. Thanks! I've been lazy on Tumblr lately... it's too easy to just reblog a cool mix of what comes across the dashboard. But I do have some of my own weirdness on there, too. :-)