Sunday, November 16, 2014

Round-trip Roundup

In Harlan Ellison's Eidolons, there is an ultra-short story within a story (maybe just 500 words) that begins:
"I awoke at three in the morning, bored out of sleep by dreams of such paralyzing mediocrity that I could not lie there and suffer my own breathing."
The remainder of that paragraph-long piece tells how the protagonist's boredom was "cured" by an unimaginable sequence of horrible calamities.  The piece ends with the only possible reflection:
"Somehow, the universe always provides."
Well, for me, the universe is providing.  :-)  No horrible calamities as yet (fingers crossed), but getting ready to move across country is making for some big-time disruptions that my goodly wife and I haven't experienced since our 20s.  I got home yesterday from a quick trip to sign an apartment lease.  Finding a place that's okay with our four felines was stressful, but luckily the in-person part was completed in just one day.  A red-eye flight got me home before a big snowstorm hit the Rockies.

But!  The chaos of packing has unearthed some interesting artifacts.  I found the colorful plastic name-tag from my first job: picking up garbage at a Six Flags theme park.  (No image to post, but just think of the "pieces of flair" from Office Space.)  I found a copy of the Norse myth play that I wrote at the age of nine.

A more recent layer of strata revealed the robot costume that we made for my son when he was 5 or 6...

A bit of garage mold necessitated a ceremonial disposal, but not before fully documenting the find, like good archaeologists.  :-)

There were also a few things that connect with the history of this blog...

Yup, this was pretty much a true story.  Below is the most surprising find...

...which completes the documentation of the Alphabet of Neptune that I previously revealed to the world.  The above symbol, by the way, is the "Interplanetary Peace Sign."  Nice.  If there's interest, I could conceivably post a translation of the whole booklet.

There hasn't been much time for writing fiction, but on the plane I added quite a bit to the copious notes and outline for the story that I talked about last time.  My characters now have names.  :-)


  1. Ugh, moving... May it all go smoothly for you.

    I love that robot costume! And I'd love to know more about Neptunian.

    1. Thanks! The costume was difficult for him to get around in, but it was fun for all of us to make.

      I'm not sure how much more about Neptunian I should talk about... see the earlier post for some context.

  2. Isn't it interesting which things turn up?
    Moving - after the Big Bang - brings order (after a while...) I wish you good luck, and neighbours who serve you a cup of hot tea on arriving, and a lovely new home!

    1. Thank you so much, Britta. You've got me trying to come up with cosmology analogies for this process, but I think it's giving me a headache. :-)

  3. What's in a name!?


    Good posting, sir. So sorry about having to dispose of a decent robot costume but lovely unearthed shell. :)

    1. I'm all about the strata these days. My office has 18 years of it; our house has 14, plus all the stuff trucked up here from our pre-New-England days. Someone once told me about the benefits of sifting and winnowing as you go. It's a good thing.