Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Other News: Abby Normal Edition

Okay, just a couple of other updates, mostly in the "life is weird" department.

Despite my crazy situation regarding moving (or maybe because of it), last weekend I was the victim of a two-hour frenzy in which I conceived of an absolutely awesome theme for a month of A-to-Z themed posts... and I managed to fill all 26 slots with cool, alphabetically appropriate topics.

When I used the word "victim" above, I was serious: it came upon me like a tidal wave, to quote Mr. Loaf.  Not completely out of nowhere, since the ideas did build on some other thoughts I've been having.  Still, it was stupefying to see it all coalesce so quickly.  To quote another pop culture icon,

But now, the question.

Should I do it?

I took a break from the April A-Z challenge this year after doing it in 2012 and 2013.  It takes time and energy, for sure.  Some writers may see the word "challenge" and chuckle in comparison to their daily output.  It's apt for me, though -- especially for the new year, in which I'll be dealing with a new job and a new home.  But... but... I'm tempted to give myself something more or less familiar to do, so it's not all newness on every front.

No firm decision yet, but I'll be meditating on it.

The other thing isn't quite news, but it's fun to report on being enchanted by something shiny, out there in the weary world.  Random car-radio dial spinning found me at Emerson College's radio station (which you can listen to online).  I forgot how invigorating and electrifying college radio can be.  This station uses the word "discover" in their logo, and yes, you bet, I'm discovering a lot.  In just a single 24 hour period, for example, I managed to be swept away by...
  • Al Green's soaring original version of Take Me To The River... I had no idea that the Talking Heads version was a remake.
  • Yaz's Only You.  Celestial tintinnabulations that I don't think I've heard before.
  • An all-Hebrew, a-cappella version of Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.  Youtube doesn't seem to have the exact version that I heard, but there are several others!  Much more fun than it had any right to be.  The word "sardine" remained untranslated.  :-)
- - -

Edit (Dec. 2, 2014):  One more very cool song just discovered on WERS... The House, by Air Traffic Controller.  Don't let anyone say you can't tell a powerful little story in a couple of verses and a chorus.


  1. OMG! You'd never heard 'Only You' before? Try this:

    A Canadian boy introduced me to that cover. Girl likes.

    1. Fun. I may have heard it before... it registers a bit on the deja-vu meter, but just out of the corner of the ear...

    2. "Only You" is easily one of my top 5 favorites, all-time. I love it dearly, as Suze knows, for reasons both sentimental and otherwise. Here's my own post on the song from a few years back:

    3. What awesome reminiscences! I think I'll have trouble thinking of anything other than your pre-concert SATB group when I hear the a-cappella version now.

  2. Oh, and curious about your A-Z dealio!!

    1. :-)) If I start talking about the topic, then I'm sure to decide to do it. I think I'll have to let it simmer a bit more.