Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am the Eater of Worlds, and of Blendsdays

Summer is supposed to be a slow moving, laid back, kind of time, right?  Not for me right now.  The blog (and my other attempts at gaming-related writing) is unfortunately suffering as work is steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the nice weather outside.

I can dream, can't I?  I try to visualize walks on the beach... cookouts... long country drives... fun trips to Mickey D's.... Well, except for if you happen to be driving through the unlucky town of Derry, Maine:

Artist: Nik Holmes

If you've only read Stephen King's massive 1986 novel IT, it may take a minute for the above joke to sink in.  This one is really for viewers of the 1990 TV miniseries adaptation, which boasted Tim Curry as the über-creepy clown-form of the monster beyond space and time.  I actually liked the miniseries more than the book.  The latter plodded on for 1100 pages, and contained some scenes where beloved characters behaved so, well, out of character, that it completely plucked me out of immersion in the story.  We geeky types often rail against how movie makers ruin our beloved book-based franchises, but in this case I think the makers may have improved on King's material!

Don't look into it's dead-lights, Mayor McCheese!


  1. I have this vague memory of having read on someone else's blog about a guy dressed up as Ronald McDonald with 'blood' on his costume carrying a sign saying, 'Meat is murder.'

    For better or for worse, this week's Blendsday post reminded me of that ...

  2. I resolved NOT to search for that, but I think I saw it in the "recommended videos" listed on the right side of this clip that highlights Tim Curry's scene-chewing from IT...

    Not gonna click on it! :-)

  3. I remember the blog. It's not heinous. He just mentioned it, if I recall, no pics. I'll track it down if I get really bored. :)

  4. AGHGHGHGHGH! Those 2 images are amazzing! I blame Mc. D's for causing hatred of night-shadey eggplant and ALL veggies in AmerIcan'ts- since Grimace is an eggplant [says I] named after a sneery smirk. I enjoy eggplant.

    1. Holy crap... he IS an eggplant. Why has nobody realized this until now?!