Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Because there's no post on Blendsdays

I knew I wanted a good Harry Potter themed image mashup, but it took a while to find one.  Due to a certain actor's crossover between franchises, a huge fraction of HP-themed fan-made pictures have to do with this -- shall we say sparkly? -- theme.  Not up my particular Knockturn Alley.  Thus:

Artist: Unknown
If you know who that is, then you know what this movie is called.  (The punch line was originally a caption on this image, but I thought it much funnier without it. If you don't get it, please ask.)  But I'll say that this one would be of great help if we began a Kevin Bacon type of chain game with these image mashups, since it would allow us to link Harry Potter to Star Wars, the Incredibles, a whole lot of Tarantino, and the new Marvel movie-verse!

In related news, my son turns 11 this week.  You know what that means...