Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blendsday: A New Feature?

I've made a couple of recent posts on "Glass Bead Pairings" (here and here): interesting comparisons, contrasts, and juxtapositions of little sets of cool ideas, reminiscent of individual "moves" of a Glass Bead Game.  I thought I'd try to formalize this into a weekly feature.  Bad punster that I am, Blendsday was born!  (I refuse to Google it to see how unoriginal that term probably is...)

Although I've got some vague ideas for other juxtapositions to talk about, I thought I'd just start by showing some cool/geeky "visual mashups" that I've found from across the webz.  Many of these can be clever, but lots of them verge on the mediocre.  I've found roughly a half dozen that I'd call the best.  My rock-solid selection criterion was that it HAD to elicit a real, audible laugh (or at least snort) when I first saw it!  After these are exhausted, we'll see about other directions in which this feature can go...

Without further ado, here's something from artist Dave Filoni (which was originally featured here):

You'd have to be a fan of both Avatar: The Last Airbender and Star Wars to get the brilliance of it, of course!  There's a bit of awkwardness in that Luke and his mother are portrayed by the main two romantic leads on A:TLA... but other than that, it's really quite on-the-nose.  Iroh/Yoda is what prompted my muffled snort!  :-)


  1. I think the Blendsday posts make for an airtight concept. Looking forward to what else you will come up with!

  2. Thanks, Suze. If you read between the lines in this post, you'll find that I have absolutely NO idea what this feature will contain in approx. 6 weeks! :-)

  3. 1] I LOVE the Blendsday idea, and will refer you as the originator of it, because I care not for actual historic references in leu of the meme world & 2] I ADORE Airbender series, and have been recently introduced to it via a dear friend. It feels Miyazaki-ish and wonderful. & 3] as a dork, Star Wars RULES... even if I am not into the "new" movies. blorf