Friday, March 29, 2013

A-Z: Here come the weirdos

April is almost here!  On Monday I begin spamming posting once per day, except Sundays, on my theme of "An A to Z of Masters of the Imagination that You Oughtta Know About."  Each day will see a brief profile of a super-creative artist, author, magician, or whatever, along with some choice quotes or snippets that show you why I'm so enamored of their output.

A couple of warnings...  First, I hope not to disappoint my RPG-playing readers by posting a lot of stuff that may not be quickly adaptable to the game table.  I'm taking the long view, I guess, that good inspiration from these creative weirdos can be the seed of a lot of quality gaming down the road, even if the ideas may need time to stew.

Second, I'm not sure how well I'll be following the detailed advice of the good folks at the A-Z Challenge.  I will do a post on each letter on its proper day, but beyond that, everyone has different ideas about what makes for good blog posts -- and good bloggers!  Caveat emptor.  :-)

Lastly, I wanted to put up some kind of teaser for whom I'll be posting about, without actually giving away the names.  I realized that 26 entries is just about right for the number of songs on a classic double album.  Thus, to give you a taste, here's the track list for that album, with song titles crafted from little bits and pieces of each days' post (or just random factoids about the person being profiled).  Feel free to speculate about the identities of my weirdos in the comments, but I won't confirm or deny until the time is right...

Side I (A-G)
Fern-colored Eyes
Ding Dong Daddy
Alice and Bill on the Beach
Les Beaux Temps
Fortress of Strength
Blue Food

Side II (H-M)
Djam Karet
Fourth World
The Mauve Zone
Ruby Red
Joyful Sitting
Side III (N-T)
Professor Pratt
The Only Lasting Truth
No Escape from Growth
Who Else?
Rustle of Umbel-Bloom

Side IV (U-Z)
Cygnus and Serpentarius
Take the Phone off the Hook
Memory Palace
Mystic Mathematicians


  1. Looking forward to your posts, Cyg. Looks like you've really put some thought into them and they should be excellent.

    1. Fingers crossed... 20 posts down, 6 to go -- but those last 6 are giving me trouble. Maybe they'll end up with different themes than are hinted at above.

  2. You've planned out the entire month? Wow. I was going to guess that Mystic Mathematicians are Aztecs, but that doesn't exactly begin with z, does it.

    1. Good thinking -- I have always been fascinated by the Mayans... My current idea for Z is more about the future than the past, but it's one of the 6 posts that I mentioned above that's still not done yet. We'll see! :-)

  3. Great idea for posts. Looking forward to checking back in.