Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blendsday: It's Calvinball time!

Another Wednesday, another weird visual mashup between two semi-geeky franchises...  This time it's a classic comic strip merged with a surreal modern animated TV show:

There are probably more than a hundred Calvin & Hobbes image mashups out there, but this one spoke to me because it seems to pose an answer to an ongoing question: What kind of world do the characters of Adventure Time really inhabit?  Is it post-apocalyptic?  Is it Lovecraftian?  This suggests that this phantasmagorical world could all be in the imaginations of these two kids...  After all, there often seem to be two distinct realms on the show: the wild and peril-fraught world of Finn & Jake, and the pastelly Candy Kingdom of Princess Bubblegum.  These worlds sometimes come together, but often it's either one or the other.  Much like when two very different kids play together and agree (or not!) on a shared adventure...


  1. Not really familiar with Finn & Jake, but love Calvin & Hobbes...

  2. They just announced a new edition of the complete Calvin & Hobbes collection. At $100, I'm not sure I'll be getting it, but it's nice to see cartoon art getting serious "archival" treatment.

  3. 'Much like when two very different kids play together and agree (or not!) on a shared adventure...'

    There is one particular child my daughter invites (and whom I love to have over because she is so calm) who can never stay on the same wavelength as my daughter for long. She invariably ends up playing quietly with one of my daughter's toys after her imagination has grown too rambunctious and demanding. :)

    1. Yup... the reason this image and idea resonated with me is probably that my son has a friend who's a girl (*) where this happens a lot. To me, there doesn't seem to be THAT huge a gulf of difference between, say, Pokemon and Winx Club, but to them... night and day!

      (*) Oh, the crap I catch when I try to concatenate those nouns in a different order!