Monday, January 16, 2012

Homebrew '82 Character Sheet

I'm making slow and steady progress on my Homebrew '82 old-school game variant. Here's a first draft of the one-page character sheet. 

You can click on the image to get the PDF from Google Docs, or you can go directly HERE.

The Rientsian influences are clear: a space for animal companions, and a nice big picture frame for a wacky character portrait.  I'm assuming that the second page is for stuff like the character's background, a list of hirelings and home-town NPC contacts, and the obligatory blank area for notes, but I'm not planning on presenting a formal version of that.

MC is Melee Class, which is a number that determines one's "row" in the to-hit chart. (For fighters, MC = level.  For other classes, it's a lower number than one's level.)  Eagle-eyed readers will notice that there's nowhere to list saving throws here... but in Homebrew '82 those are usually handled by Constitution ability score rolls, usually using an Xd6 roll-under system.

Please forgive the Futura overdose, but I'm pretty much not planning to use it at all in the Homebrew '82 core books. Might as well get it out of my system here...  :-)


  1. Looking good, I snagged a copy. I like those old fonts but never use them. If I ever produce a traditional adventure (rather then Encounter Critical) I'd like to use a font like Futura. I've been using John Ross's Vanthian Ragnarok and Bohemian Typewriter (not by Ross) for the E.C stuff.

    I'm tryin' to work on a Bee Girl shirt design too.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Those other fonts are cool... but when I saw that Bohemian Typewriter has a symbol for "Euro," that just catapults me right out of the illusion that we're back in the era of typewritten zines! :-)

    Hmm... note to self: Maybe my next "unbridled geekdom" post should be scans of my old (painstakingly typewritten) attempts to expand the Franz Joseph technical manual to the ST:TMP era...