Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Blogoversary

This blog is now one year (and two days) old!  I'm happy that I'm still keeping up with it, what with other demands of work and home always nipping at my heels.  I thought I'd do some looking backwards and forwards...

I initially hoped to post once a week, but I ended up surpassing that goal a bit, with 79 posts over the past year.  I have the September of Short Adventures to thank for that, since that pushed me to make a record 25 posts in one month. As of right now, this blog has 32 followers, and I thank y'all for reading! I'm also indebted to the others (how many I'm not sure) who don't click "follow" but put me in their blogrolls. Most of the time I get way more hits from Jeff than I do from all other traffic sources, including even the link-happy folks at!  :-)

I first conceived that this blog would be split pretty evenly between posts about RPGs (including my still-in-development Homebrew '82) and posts about Hesse's Glass Bead Game. Though I'm still loving the GBG, it's taken a back seat to RPGs and other fun geekiness. I've been surprised at the popularity of silly one-off posts like the ones about the CE3K board and the Asimov Foundation trilogy map. 

What about the future?  More of the same, I hope.  However, I'm going to be teaching a college course in the fall and that will demand lots of extra prep time.  We'll see how it goes.  Still, my Homebrew '82 Player's Guide is more than halfway completed. (If you count raw rule mechanics and not polished prose, I'd say it's 95% done!)  Volume 2 is going to be the GM's Guide, and my original plan for Volume 3 is a fleshing out of the Avalon Lost campaign setting. That may change, though, since the Barsoom bug has been biting me lately!  :-)

Here's to another year of amateur ludology!

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