Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Twin sunsets

The ONLY way that I can get through watching Episode III is to remember this quote from Harry Knowles:
Obi Wan never takes Anakin out for drinks and just levels with him.  Sits him down and explains fascist totalitarianism.  He doesn't explain why sacrificing the most marginal freedoms to create a false sense of security enables those taking on those additional powers to create a greater evil than that which they fear.  Hell, nobody really explains to Anakin why Democracy is better than Absolute Rule.  Instead it is all this, "Search your feelings" bullshit.  Turn to your ancient religion.  This is why ultimately Luke Skywalker kicks ass.  Because he doesn't have all this dogmatic bullshit.  Because he's got a buddy like Han Solo that'd be willing to bust ass across the galaxy to save his ass.  Somebody that has his back.  FRIENDS!  Because when the Sith hits the fan, it's the love of your friends that'll help you push through and kick ass.  Because Luke believes in twin sunsets, the good guys and saving his dad.

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