Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Weary

or woozy, or wrecked, or weak-kneed, or wiped out.  I'm sorry folks; I wracked my brain, but nothing really worthy of this fun series on symbols worked out for the letter W.  So, I decided not to be such a worry-wort, and just take a bit of a walkabout today to see what the world has in store for tomorrow.


You know...

W is also for Waldo:

They say that nobody knows whatever became of him, but I know.  Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to say.


  1. How about the alchemical sign for water (triangle pointing down)?

    (BTW, I cheated, I have a book called "Signs & Symbols" and I looked in the index.)

  2. Thanks. I had some ideas (like warchalking as a modern-day evolution of hobo signs), but nothing I could get really excited about...

  3. Is that from the 'Hot for Teacher' video ... ?