Sunday, December 4, 2011

The DIY Dungeon at last!

Way back in March, I blogged about getting started on creating a home-made version of TSR's old 1975 board game "Dungeon!"  (The exclamation point is part of the title.) I'm embarrassed that it took this long to finish the project, but it wasn't my top priority. Still, here it is...

Boardgamegeek had half-decent scans of the original roll-up board, which I broke up into a 9-page (3x3) version, touched up via Powerpoint, printed, and laminated. I re-created the cards from scratch, using online spreadsheets that kindly laid out how many of each type one needs for a complete set. My cellphone camera didn't do a great job in capturing the cards, so here's a screen-capture of a selection of them (also done in Powerpoint):
My son was 9 when I first blogged about it, and now he's 10.  We've played a few games so far, and he found it "really fun but frustrating." I think the frustrating part comes from having a game avatar that isn't so invincible as in most video games.... :-)

My wife asked me if this was Dungeons & Dragons, and I said "No, but it's the gateway drug!"

We also had a third player, but she was having trouble with rolling the dice...


  1. Nice work. As kids me and a friend used to make our own additional rules and gameboards for Dungeon! It's a good game for tinkering with.

  2. Well done Cygnus, it looks great. I love DIY jobs.

  3. OOMG, after *many* failed attempts at getting Dungeon! on eBay, I've resolved myself to doing exactly what you have done. Thanks for showing the way!

  4. Awesome! Would you be willing to share your power point files?

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    It would probably be out of bounds for me to publish the powerpoint files on the blog, since, like other TSR-era products, the copyrights to the "Dungeon!" board game are still probably guarded zealously by hordes of lawyer-gnolls at WOTC....

    But drop me a line at cygnus120 at the gee-mail.