Thursday, July 21, 2011

A September of Short Adventures: Game on!

I'm taking the plunge! I signed up for A September of Short Adventures, which was a challenge issued to the OSR blogosphere a few days ago by Matt over at Asshat Paladins.

So, starting on Friday, September 2, I'm planning to post 25 bare-bones scenarios for old-school fantasy role-playing games, one a day except on Thursdays. Since I've never been an unending fount of creative gaming ideas, I'm going to work out some randomization aids to help spur my creativity. In fact, I think developing those tools may be half of the fun of this project! Still, the final scenarios won't just be the haphazard results of die rolls or my computer's random number generators... I'm also looking forward to gelling the ingredients into interesting situations for players and DMs!

I'll post more later about methods, unifying themes (if any), and the game system(s) that I'll be writing the posts to be compatible with.


  1. Welcome in! I'll be very interested in what you come up with. And thanks - this post is a good reminder time is ticking down...